So Nice To Meet You!

Hi. My name is Fabiola. you can call me Fab. Seeker. Lover. I could start telling you my story of heartbreaks, grief, guns and car trunks. I’ll start by telling you I am happiest when I’m having meaningful connections expanding communities that care for one another and Mother Earth, specially if we are doing all of that by the Ocean. I embody and offer it through Qoya classes, workshops and retreats from Brooklyn to Iceland via LA and Costa Rica. Qoya is a great way to collaborate with the ones who are ready to feel more and expand their ability to connect with themselves, one another and Spirit. I also love collaborating with others and creating something unique, that didn’t exist before. I believe that when 1+1 come together, magic happens and often the result is way more than 2! 

I was born in Brazil and came to NYC in 2000 to spend 6 months, take a course, travel and most likely to be back to a similar routine. A son, many adventures, friends and heartbreaks later, I’m still in Brooklyn having plenty opportunities to have fun no matter what and see the bigger picture as I ooze into the ebb and flow of life. 

My diverse life skills of a Competitive Swimmer, TV Commercial Producer, Mother, ongoing Student, Credit Analyst, Health Counselor and Teacher of English (ESL), Yoga, Cooking and Qoya has helped me develop abilities to be more present, sharp and focused as well as open, playful and caring. I bet you have many life skills too. I look forward to merging them as we play and dance through life! Blessings! 


Rochelle Schieck

To work with Fabiola is like swimming in the ocean naked under a full moon. Swimming because Fabiola is a master at going with the flow, fully embodied in her feminine and able to source inspiration, healing and pleasure from whatever comes up in a session. Naked because she stands for the beauty that is most authentic, raw and true and has an uncanny ability to peel back layers and be not only spiritually naked, but seen. Under the full moon because you will experience her masterful ability to reflect light. Not only the light of the sun, but the light of your sun, of your heart. Whenever I have worked with Fabiola, I have not only had a deep experience of her radiance, light and connection to eternal love, but my own. I wholeheartedly recommend that if you feel a call in your body to learn from her, connect with her, dance with her to follow it, because rest assured you will more deeply learn from, connect with and dance in a deeper way with yourself.

Rochelle SchieckFounder of QoyaQoya
Jamie Watkins

Fabiola is a bright light, a wise soul and a magical presence.  She lives with such reverence for life that just watching her eat fruit will change the way you eat fruit forever!  Her joy overflows into her work, and her palpable passion gives her the ability to hold the attention of large groups of people who hang on her every delicious word.  She is extremely present, open minded and passionate about true connection, and those qualities combined with her incredible intuition, wisdom, and grace make Fabiola one of my all time favorite teachers.

Jamie WatkinsFounder of Sacred Moon SistersSacred Moon Sisters
Jim Cavera

In addition to being one of the finest human beings I’ve ever encountered, Fabiola is also one of the greatest teachers. Unlike many other practitioners of similar art, she truly cares about her students as human beings. She revels in their successes and shows compassion for their pains. It is her life’s work to make the world whole, as much as she can, and that passion for the entire Earth and all of her inhabitants truly shines through in her practice.

In my own experience, I have found her to be a very wise, patient, and kind guide. I came to her as a broken person, and she gave me something more important than simply putting me right. She showed me that I wasn’t as lost as I imagined myself to be, and that I am capable of putting myself back together again. This is a far greater gift than simple counselor could ever be. As a physicist, it is my life’s task to better understand the workings of the universe. Fabiola has taken on a far greater task: to help the universe and all of her children find their healing within them.

Jim CaveraPhysicist
Inna Shapkina

Once you meet Fabiola, you will want to stay around her and do the things she is involved in. She has a special kind of magnetism and the most generous heart as well as clear boundaries, all of which makes you admire her greatly. I have taken many classes and events with Fab, and every interaction leaves me feeling so supported and welcomed. Fab knows how to help you dance with and honor What Is. She holds space like no other and I always feel a deep sense of trust in how perfectly life is unfolding no matter what.

Inna ShapkinaMother and Qoya Teacher