I believe our world inside and outside will be a better place when we are able to:

1. Connect

2. Collaborate

3. Cherish

  1. CONNECT = DEEPEN RELATIONSHIPS. In self doubt, insecurity, fear of speaking up or showing up, we tend to feel disconnected from our feelings and we isolate from others. When we find places and people who allow, support, encourage, give us tools and a safe space to feel all the range of feelings that is present inside of us, we feel like truly alive, and connected, with ourselves, one another and Spirit (insert your version of something greater than us, whatever makes the Sun rise and the Moon go around, that is out of our control).
  2. COLLABORATE = EXPAND COMMUNITIES. We got pretty darn good in individuating, learning how to do things on our own, ew got that one down. Now it’s also crucial we get grounded back to our roots, where we come together because sometimes it takes a Village. There’s just so much we can do alone. I know cause I’ve been there where I felt I could do it better and faster on my own. I also know that when we come together, 1 + 1 > 2! It’s incredible what we can accomplish when we release the need to take credit, and we can each pour our unique gifts to collaborate. When we are connected, and stretch beyond what we can, for the highest good of all, when different worlds co exist in harmony through our collaborations, magic happens. Our Worlds get bigger. And so do we.
  3. CHERISH – HONOR NATURE. There’s this smart dude called Albert, Albert Einstein and he figured a couple of things out. And he’s got a little tip to help you figure some things out for yourself. He said: “Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better.” When you feel unsure, questioning yourself and others, confused, uncomfortable, overwhelmed, indecisive of what step to take next, experiment going back to where we came from. Everything we know on this Planet, was birthed by Nature, by our Mother Earth, like e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! From people, to animals, to food, to every material that builds cars and houses, water, air, fire, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g here on Earth was given to us, unconditionally. By honoring and respecting Nature, we honor and respect our own nature and others as well. When we feel the connection to Nature, we feel more connected to ourselves, and we are more open and ready to connect with others and collaborate for a grander cause, which makes us feel connected to something bigger than us and we go back to where we started, except, it’s a whole new place!

My name is Fabiola Bergi, you can call me Fab. I’m happy you’re here because it’s way more fun to do it together. I create classes, workshops, experiences and retreats for us to come together, connect and cherish our inner and outer worlds. It’s time to breathe deeper, feel into it and dance and smell the roses along the way! Meanwhile, let’s have some fun!

More Coming Soon!